What to Consider When Buying A New Kitchen Sink

A couple in kitchen at an ELKAY® lustertone iconix stainless steel sink with perfect drain®

Don’t settle for any sink! Elkay provides four essentials to remember when sink shopping.

Whether you’re preparing a meal or doing the dishes, you want your sink to be made of quality materials and have the features you need. Here’s how to shop for the sink that suits you best.

Consider All of the Options
While tempting, the “free” sinks typically included from countertop fabricators are usually short on features. To ensure you know exactly what you’re getting, ask the countertop fabricator for the sink’s price to see what it’s worth. If you decide to upgrade to a different sink option, be sure to ask for a credit for the original sink price to maximize your investment.

Plan Ahead
When it comes to kitchen upgrades and renovations, the sink is often one of the last design decisions. However, when installing stone countertops, materials are specifically cut to match the kitchen sink’s shape and model. Upgrading the sink or changing the design after installation is often impossible using the same piece of stone and can lead to headaches and added costs.

Find Your Style
From the onset of the design process, it’s important to consider all of the sink options in order to create a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and needs. Take the time to truly see what’s out there and consider visiting a plumbing showroom or design center to review hundreds of styles, various material choices, added enhancements, and the latest design trends.

Look for Quality
If you’re opting for a stainless steel sink, ask what gauge of steel the sink is made from. The higher the gauge number, the lower the quality and thickness of the steel. If you plan to use the sink on a regular basis, installing a quality product that can withstand your household’s usage is important. You deserve a product that is high quality and made with care. Give yourself confidence by investing in a kitchen sink from a reputable manufacturer with a legacy of accountability, innovation, transparency, and quality.

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