Why Replace When You Can Reface?

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If your kitchen is old, ugly, grease-stained and/or out of date, or you are just tired of looking at it and, on top of all that, none of the drawers work smoothly or won’t close, why rip it out and start all over? Wait a second. There is another alternative.

REFACE IT. What is refacing and how does it work? You can achieve the results you want without the mess and expense of replacing cabinets altogether.

First of all, if you are comfortable with the existing footprint of your kitchen or you just had new counter tops installed, then you are a candidate for refacing.  Most older kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood and provide a solid base for refacing. It starts with a no obligation in-home estimate by a qualified kitchen expert to determine if your cabinets can be refaced. You will be shown samples of stains, paints and glazes that can transform your old and ugly kitchen into a thing of beauty.

The process is simple when done by a qualified technician. First of all the old doors and drawer fronts are thrown away. The cabinets are prepared and 1/8î wood of the same species as your new doors is applied to all of the exposed cabinet surfaces. New drawer boxes, if needed, rollouts and Lazy Susans can be added to your cabinets. Modern conveniences like soft-closing doors and drawers can be added., as well as new moulding including crown and shoe moulding. Bead board and special design treatments are included. Then the magic. New doors with hidden hinges and new drawer fronts are installed. New hardware is added.

Everything matches because doors, drawer fronts, moulding, trim and 1/8î refacing panels are all stained, painted or glazed at the same time in a climate controlled setting.

Why reface and not replace?
1) Mess – little and cleaned up each day
2) Time – 3 to 5 days to reface
3) $$$ – refacing is about 40% less expensive than ripping out

After 34 years of refacing thousands of kitchens for satisfied customers, refacing is a proven alternative and it is something to explore.

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