Expert advice from Traditions in Tile and Stone on using marble in potentially wet spaces.

Elegant bathroom design with Calacatta Gold Tile1. SOME MARBLES tend to be more moisture sensitive than other stones and the type of marble should be carefully considered when looking at areas with significant water exposure.

2. LIGHTER COLORED MARBLES can darken or stain permanently if subjected to long periods of water saturation, even when sealed correctly.

3. WHILE ALL STONE, especially marble, should be sealed annually to maintain protection, it should be noted that most sealers do allow moisture to pass back and forth. Sealing prevents oils and dirt from penetrating the stone.

4. ALWAYS CONFIRM your installer is following the guidelines from TCNA! There is no substitute for a high quality installation!

5. WHEN IN DOUBT, ask an expert! All of our showrooms are staffed with highly trained designers who can help you select the appropriate stones for your project, and if necessary, direct you to a porcelain look alike to complete your perfect installation.

Marble is a beautiful, natural product that can be used in most any application. Selecting the right one and having it installed correctly is the most important step. It should be noted that today’s technology in porcelains are so advanced that they blend seamlessly into any application where marble may not be appropriate as well as alongside natural stones in the same space. If you have questions about how to incorporate marble into your next project, we are happy to help you select the perfect materials!
With Atlanta’s largest selection of stone and porcelain, your design options with Traditions in Tile and Stone are limitless.

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