Carpet Trends

Carpet Trends

When deciding what style of flooring to install, wall-to-wall carpeting is often considered as an outdated, less trendy option. Although hardwood floors are easier to clean, carpet provides a room with warmth and can help make the space feel more welcoming. The sterile-white carpet look of yesterday is no more.According to Kerrie Kelly with the American Society of Interior Design, there are now numerous textures, patterns and colors available, and the material is emerging as the focal point in many interior designs. Here, Kelly provides some insight on how to select and use carpet for a modern look.

Basic principles

Using a single type of flooring, like carpet, throughout your home—except in moist areas like the bathroom—is a good way to create a big impact. Plain colors make a room seem larger; light colors generally brighten a room and dark colors help larger rooms feel more inviting.

Trendy textures

Designers are using more layered colors and soft textures because the combination reduces dirt marks and creases made by foot traffic. Some other new looks are made from cut-and-loop and high-and-low-loop yarns, which feel better—soft and warm—underfoot, but flatten and crush easily.

Popular patterns

While solid colors will always be a safe, reliable choice for carpet and the easiest to decorate around, patterns often create the biggest impact. Some popular patterns include flowers, leaves, swirls, pin dots and plaids, which contrast well with the smoother parts of a room, such as furniture and walls.

buying carpet

•  Consider the conditions that may affect your carpet. Is it a high-traffic area, a space where food is consumed or an area where pets may be?
•  Determine the amount of cushion you want your carpet to have. Consider spending a few extra dollars on more padding because it can lead to a longer-lasting carpet.
•  Read labels. You can find information about the carpet, such as stain-resistance, warranty info, fiber type and density, on just about every sample’s label.

twist type

•  Tightly twisted yarn resists soiling and crushing.
•  Loosely twisted yarn feels better underfoot, but flattens and crushes faster.


•  Affects quietness, comfort, resistance and insulation.
•  Reduces flattening and crushing.

expert tip

Placing an area rug over carpet can help add dimension to a room. Generally used as the centerpiece, it will define one particular area of the room. A well-chosen and well-placed floor rug will help anchor furniture and make the room feel more inviting.

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