Defeating Disarray

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In the race of organizing your home, each closet is a hurdle. The experts in closet organization offer the following tips to help you cross the finish line.

Bedroom Closet
Quite possibly the most-used closet in the home, the bedroom closet is an important one to master.

“A bedroom closet needs a variety of storage options,” says Randi Bergey of Closet Factory. “First and foremost, 3/4-inch panels that run to the floor for stability with holes drilled 32 millimeters apart so that rods and shelves may be placed at varying heights and can accommodate all types of apparel. This allows for flexibility, so that as your personal clothing inventories change, so will your closet system.”

Ginny Snook Scott, vice president of organizational learning and development at California Closets, identifies the following essential bedroom closet features:

• Double hanging areas
• Long hanging sections
• Dresser sections
• A hidden hamper
• Counter space

Photos courtesy of The Container Store


Linen Closet
When it comes to storing your bed and bath linens, products and decorative accessories, their location in the linen closet is very important. “Real estate is key to placement in this area,” says Standolyn Robertson, president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and owner of Things in Place Organizing Services. “Make sure you are not knocking over a rarely used item to get to an everyday item.”

Because bed and bath products are often smaller items, Robertson offers the following storage solutions:

• Double the shelf space by using risers to get additional levels of storage.

• Use over-the-door shoe bags to store bottles of shampoo, lotion, brushes, combs, accessories, wash cloths, first-aid items and more.

• Clear shoe boxes make visibility a breeze and stack nicely, helping store hair accessories, first-aid supplies, soap and more.

Entryway/Coat Closet
The first closet every guest to your home sees is your entryway closet, often referred to as the coat closet. Because you want to make a good first impression, this closet is one to which you should pay extra special attention.

•Hanger hold-ups: Robertson also recommends using uniform hangers. “Nice, quality hangers that will withstand the weight of coats,” she says.

• Shoe space: It is important to allow ample floor space, “to kick in boots or other types of outdoor shoes,” Scott says.

Need Help?
Having tips and tricks for organizing closets might inspire you to defeat the disarray in your house. However, it is the point at which you begin your organization that panic has potential. “Organizing is more than just cleaning out,” says Ramona Creel, member of NAPO and founder of the Web site “If you don’t understand why you accumulate clutter, it will come back again.” For this reason, professional organizers are here to help! They can eradicate the cause of disorganization, and they treat the disorganization with extreme care and delicacy, knowing that homeowners are often very attached to their belongings. To find a local professional, visit the NAPO Web site,

After all is said and done, organized closets mean efficient and enjoyable living. So start with your closet of choice and get organized today!

Accomodating Add-Ons

Use these storage aids to keep your closets clutter-free.

Defeating Disarray   Defeating Disarray   Defeating Disarray
  Built-in Baskets
  Belt Rack
Defeating Disarray   Defeating Disarray   Defeating Disarray
Valet Bar
  Tie Rack

Photos courtesy of (first three) California Closets, (last three) Closet Factory

Quick Tips

The closet should be bright and inviting. You should be able to see what you have in your closet. To enable this, be sure to install good lighting with accessible on/off switches.

Source: National Association of Professional Organizers

When it comes to drawers, bigger is not better. Drawers that are too deep will result in socks and underwear piled too high, toppling over and undermining your efforts to be organized.

Source: Closet Factory

Be sure to leave space in your entryway closet for cold-weather accessories, like hats, mittens and scarves. Whether it be open shelf space, a basket or storage bin, your family and guests will appreciate and utilize the designated area.

Source: California Closets

Surprise Your Spouse

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For a unique and exciting gift for your spouse, arrange for a closet makeover. Professionals can install a closet storage system in 4 to 6 hours. Arrange for the install to occur while your spouse is at work or away for the day, and he or she will come home to an exciting “reveal,” just like on TV!
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