LUXE Linear Drains Add Contemporary Style To Kitchens, Baths and More

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by Carla Schwartz

For many, a drain is a finishing touch on a home project, a necessity that stays in the background. Drains are a functional requirement, but why settle for just utility when both style and substance are possible? LUXE Linear Drains by Platinum Stainless Steel are both functional and beautiful. LUXE Linear Drains are innovative installations that enhance any commercial, residential or industrial project. The look is sleek and modern. LUXE works closely with architects, designers and craftsmen to create the highest-quality product possible. LUXE Linear Drains are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, landscape design and beyond. The attractive stainless steel is eye-catching in any outdoor setting, along walkways and surrounding swimming pools.

Luxe Linear Drains Swimming Pool

Luxe Linear Drains Kitchen Drain
In the kitchen, the bench drain insert allows dishes to dry faster without water buildup. Linear shower drains add sophistication to bathrooms in a variety of ways. In addition to the grated design, a tile insert option incorporates the drain into the pattern and decor of the room. Water seems to disappear into the floor through the hidden drain.

Luxe 11

A badly-designed drain can detract from both the look and function of a space. Linear drains continue the flow of the space with seamless integration onto flat surfaces. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but creates a safer environment. Linear drains in showers and baths allow zero thresholds for glass doors and other forms of entry. In addition, linear drains are safe and durable. LUXE Linear Drains are made of the 100% stainless steel material Wedgewire. Joe Phillips of LUXE explains, “The LUXE pattern grate and tile tray drains are of thicker gauge, higher quality stainless and of safe design and function compared to competitors. Our competitors use various punched pattern grates of thinner gauge stainless steel more for aesthetics and less for function. Many of these punched grate patterns have claims of being ‘toe cutters.’ In addition to not being foot friendly, these competitor drains are functionally inferior as they allow significant spillover in threshold installations, which can lead to safety issues. Our Wedgewire engineered grates eliminate spillover and capture all water flow. At nearly twice the weight per foot of competitors’ punched grates, the durability of LUXE Wedgewire is obvious when set side-by-side with normal punched grates. Our Wedgewire is also designed to be inherently safe. In both interior and exterior applications, high heels and children’s fingers and toes are safe when contacting the grate.”

LUXE Linear Drains
LUXE Linear Drains means higher quality materials, unmatched drainage function, safety and ease of installation and superior aesthetics and durability. Why would you settle for anything less?

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