Refresh Your Lawn with Farm-Fresh Sod

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Backyard with stone pathway through lawn

Stop fighting with your lawn and let the NG Turf team help you start anew with luxury sod.

Backyard with stone pathway through lawnWhen the vision of a lush lawn that comfortably hosts children, grandchildren or friends for a barbecue doesn’t meet reality, the disappointment can be heavy. You can continue to throw elbow grease and money at the problem, or you can start over. It may seem like a radical idea, but a welcoming lawn can boost your home’s curb appeal by 11 percent, according to researchers at Michigan State University.

Going All In

Before pulling the trigger, consider the size of your yard and budget. Determine whether you can do it yourself or if an expert is needed. Outsourcing parts of the project may be a happy medium. To start a new lawn from scratch, you will need to kill the old one and remove the dead grass. Once that is done, test the soil to make sure it is healthy and balanced. Till and amend the soil so that it is ready for farm-fresh sod, and finally, lay the sod and keep it watered. Remember, starting fresh is an investment but you can do it with the help of experts like the Certified Turf Professionals at NG Turf.

Options for a Clean Kill

Herbicides are the best and fastest method to kill grass. Roundup® works in as little as 10 to 14 days, however, multiple applications may be necessary to kill all the existing grasses. Once the grass is dead, it needs to be removed. A tiller makes the job easier by churning up the sod. For larger areas, consider renting a sod cutter to slice the grass into slabs. Note, this may be a job you want to outsource to a professional.

Get the Dirt on Your Soil

After removing the grass, get a soil sample. It is remarkably inexpensive and easy. Pick at least 10 spots in your yard, dig down about 6 inches and pull up some soil. Send the sample to your county extension office for analysis. This should cost about $15 and it will tell you what nutrients your yard is missing.

Lay Your Luxury Lawn

You’re almost there! Now, for the right sod. Do you want a carpet-like lawn that feels like heaven under your feet like Zeon® Zoysia or one that stays green throughout the year like Rebel Supreme® Fescue? Remember to consider the climate. Georgia is sunny, hot and sometimes dry. You’ll want to select a grass variety that can handle those conditions. Make sure to lay your sod quickly. NG Turf harvests sod year-round and delivers it fresh to your home, even on Saturdays. Make sure to keep the sod watered until the roots are established and then sit back and enjoy having the greenest and healthiest grass on the block. If you have questions, give NG Turf a call at 770-431-1344 or visit them online at

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