Retractable screens for windows and doors

A Welcoming Washroom

Screen doors are getting a facelift. New retractable screens offer a more functional design plus custom paint options and models that do away with squeaky hinges forever.

Energy Efficiency

No longer just for keeping bugs at bay, these high-performance screens also block other harmful and uninvited guests such as the sun’s powerful UV rays as well as dirt and debris. Phantom Screens’ privacy mesh and Clear View’s solar mesh both deflect up to 90% of UV rays, cooling down enclosures as much as 15 degrees during warmer months. This feature helps increase home energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings.

Custom Fit

Color and design features give screen doors a new look. Green- and brown-colored screens blend in with natural surroundings, and manufacturers even can create custom colors to match exterior and/or interior paint colors.
Large Infinity retractable screens from Phantom Screens are capable of spanning the width of any doorway or opening, creating seamless indoor/outdoor living spaces throughout the home. To cover the largest of openings without obstructing views or traffic flow, installers simply link multiple screen panels together to the desired width.

This versatility has made retractable screens a popular choice for outdoor patio renovations and sunroom construction projects.

Additionally, motorized screens that retract out of sight (shown above) allow homeowners to create indoor-outdoor living spaces in garages, porches, verandas and more, providing shade as well as keeping the sun from damaging furniture.

Whether enclosing an outdoor living space or enhancing an indoor space, retractable screens are changing the way people interact with their homes. More than just repelling insects and providing natural ventilation, they can block UV rays, fit the size or style of any space—and continue to improve.

Screen Care and Maintenance

While many screen doors and windows come with some type of warranty, it is important to schedule annual service from an authorized representative to ensure that screens are kept in optimal condition. Homeowners also should note that while newer screens are highly durable, they are not impenetrable, and animals can still damage the mesh.

How To Choose the Right Screen
➤    Determine which features are most important by comparing products.
➤    Find out the height and width of the opening and, for door screens, whether doors are right- or left-hinged.
➤    Choose either surface-mount (screen installed on the surrounding frame or wall of the opening) or injamb-mount (screen installed within door frame).
—Phantom Screens (

Window Safety Tips

➤    Avoid placing furniture near windows to prevent children from climbing.
➤    Do not rely on insect screens to prevent a window fall.
➤    Keep children’s play away from open windows and doors.
➤    Install building-code-compliant devices designed to limit how far a window will open or window guards with release mechanisms to help prevent a fall.
➤    Teach your child how to safely use a window to escape during an emergency.
—Window Safety Task Force (www.nsc.orgwindowsafetytaskforce)



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