Top 5 Yard Trends for 2020

by Kim Ashby MacColeman

Metro Atlanta is full of innovators and trailblazers who, when handed months of isolation and nervous energy, took tape measures, trimmers, and garden hoses in hand to renovate their great outdoors. “Mutiny on the backyard!” we cried. Then we tilled and planted until the yard was tamed and tranquil. But for many, the yard battles continue. Keep fighting Braveheart! For extra motivation here are five outdoor design trends to inspire victory.

1. Battleground Renovations

Green fescue grass in backyardA lush green lawn brings a sense of peace and comfort to any home, while weeds, bare patches and sun-starved sections of yard can result in frustration. Laying farm-fresh sod instantly creates serenity and curb appeal. TifTuf Bermuda is a natural choice because of its endurance and beauty. More than 20 years of study revealed that it needs 38% less water compared to other Bermuda varieties, plus TifTuf is extremely traffic tolerant. The fine leaf blade and bright green color complete this front yard welcome mat. Make sure to keep feeding your Bermuda every four to six weeks until mid-September when the temperatures start to fall.

If you are into darker greens and year-round color, then Fescue is for you. Rebel® Supreme Fescue is a cold- season grass that thrives in shady conditions. Fescue continues to grow in popularity because it maintains its rich color all year long while warm-season lawns go dormant in the winter. Fescue is a dense grass with a mowing height of 3-4” in the summer (and 2-3” in winter), which means less work for homeowners. Fertilization should not start until October.

2. Top Secret Hideaways

A secluded backyard seating spotOnce your backyard is thick and lush, consider another outdoor trend – a hideaway within your hideaway. More homeowners are creating secluded seating areas off the main deck or porch. Often its just a bench or a few chairs tucked into an alcove of trees and flowers. This is where you can plot your next outdoor battle… or quietly sip sweet tea while maintaining a healthy distance from the rebel rousers!

3. Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Water is key to maintaining a healthy lawn and garden, especially with Georgia’s relentless heat and sporadic dry spells. Sprinkler systems have been around for decades and make irrigation easy with pre-set timers. However, smart sprinkler controllers are the next-gen of irrigation. Using wifi or Bluetooth technology, the controllers provide real-time monitoring of weather information and soil conditions. Plus, if users add details like soil type, sun/shade amounts, and slope the controllers can water even more efficiently. All this leads to water savings, and of course savings on your utility bill.

4. The Battle Flag is Blue

Blue planter in chair Finishing touches like planters, pillows, sculptures, and water features add interesting pops of color. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, blue is the on-trend color, whether it’s a deep, calming navy blue, or a brighter sea-inspired indigo.

5. Open the Door to Victory

Your luxurious, green welcome mat – punctuated with perfect plants and flowers– leads to your ultimate victory – your home. Our fifth outdoor trend is doors, whether a front door or a garage door, both make statements, fulfilling your vision. Simple touches like a fresh coat of paint or a change in hardware can make a lasting impression on your home.

Outdoor perfection starts with a luxury lawn. Trust the Certified Turf Professionals at NG Turf to help you lay a triumphant foundation. Visit us online at or call 770-431-1344.

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