Top Pool Trends For 2016

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As Atlanta residents look forward to the warmer months, planning the perfect residential pool area moves to the landscaping forefront. More than just places to swim, pools have now become part of extended backyard living spaces designed to match the needs of the homeowner. 
OUT: Disconnected outdoor “rooms” with pool separate from other landscape elements
IN:   Pool as an integral part of outdoor living space—perhaps with a dining area, bar, fireplace and media center 
OUT: Cookie-cutter, pre-designed pools
IN: Custom creations using computer-assisted design and 3D modeling programs 
Pool and landscape designed together to best reflect architecture of home and personal aesthetic of homeowner, includes freeform pools as well as contemporary and formal designs
OUT: Simple infinity pool with a single disappearing edge
IN: Vanishing, negative edge or knife-edge pool with full-perimeter overflow
Precise geometry and contemporary lines
OUT: Basic kidney-bean shaped pool
IN: Natural pool systems mimicking ponds and lagoons, complete with environmentally-friendly filtration systems, companion greenery and rock formations
OUT: Entry steps or ladders
IN: Beach-style sloped entry with lounging ledge
OUT: Complex maintenance systems
IN: High-tech pool features controlled from smartphones and tablets adjust timers, features, temperature of water, lighting for pool and surrounding landscape
OUT: Single-speed pumps 
IN: Energy-efficient, variable-speed pumps 
The Real Elements of Design
Fire bowls and pits around the pool
Specialized fabrications of combination water/fire features
Continued trend of outdoor fireplaces and kitchens 
around pool 
Glass tile 
Pebble surfaces
Underwater glass-viewing windows
Grottos (constructed from natural stone or manufactured from concrete)
Seamlessly integrated waterfalls and fountains
Large spa areas
Shallow splash and play areas 
How to get your pool ready for summer
The latest and greatest trends in pools
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