What You Need To Know About Atlanta UnderDeck Systems

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All underdeck systems are not built alike.  How will you know you are getting a well-built underdeck that will last for years to come?  
An underdeck is a special ceiling drainage system used under decks so that home owners can extend their outdoor living space for lounging, outdoor kitchen areas and more.   
In order for the underdeck system to work properly, water must be able to flow through the system without any obstructions or restrictions.
What is the best material to use?
The four materials most commonly used are Vinyl, Galvanized, Galvalume and Aluminum.  Aluminum will offer the best option to avoid rust and provide superior corrosion resistance. You might hear about wood-grain textured panels and while these might look nice, they are not very practical or functional because the texture will hold onto the water and other debris, such as leaves and insects, eventually causing damage.  
What to watch for…
You want an underdeck to dry out fast enough between rainfalls so that debris does not stick and begin to build up. If water accumulates and debris begins to build, you might also have the problem of insects, such as mosquitoes, breeding in this sitting water. To determine how much space should be allowed between boards, you should consider how much sunlight hits the deck, if there are trees above the deck, etc. So every deck situation is unique.
Do you have to do anything to maintain your system once installed?
YES. It is inevitable that, over the years, some debris will get inside. We recommend cleaning every 4-5 years to keep the underdeck in the best shape. Because of this, we have developed the only underdeck system that allows individual panels to be removed for maintenance. The ability to remove a specific panel makes the underdeck more accessible and cleaning easier. Our company offers this clean out service or your can choose to maintain yourself.
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