Alex Martin – 2020 Rising Stars Top 10

Alex Martin at the 2020 Rising Stars Top 10

Alex Martin | Age 30

Village Realty | Real Estate Agent

Alex Martin is a planner and a go-getter, traits that serve him well in the real estate game where he is both an agent and an investor. After learning from some talented mentors, Alex decided to forge his own path when he created his own company, A. Martin Realty Group, LLC, with brokerage, Village Realty.

How did you get your start in the home industry?
I became interested in real estate because Atlanta is a gold mine, and I just saw so much opportunity across the board which led me to my research in investing. My mentor Justin Giles, broker at Real Estate Gurus Realty, was a big inspiration of mine, and helped me transition my business into the investing and construction side of the industry. That is when I realized my true passion in real estate.

What advice would you give to those hoping to start a career in the home industry?
Do your research before, choose your niche and build your brand around it.

Why do you have a passion for the home industry?
I’ve always aspired to be a homeowner.  My experience/expertise progressed from agency, to investing, to project management for construction. Once I became more knowledgeable in the industry, it ignited my passion on a more creative level. I love creating my own product; home renovations and construction.

Describe the project you are most proud of. What do you like about it?
I am most proud of my second project in East Point. This was the first project I managed. We restructured the layout in the living room, dining room & kitchen. We converted a porch to a sunroom and created an open floor plan with nice cosmetic finishes. The property itself was one reason why I was proud, but the deal yielded a stronger ROI than anticipated. We sold this property for $30K above the appraisal.

How would your friends and coworkers describe you?
My close family and friends would describe me as someone who is willing to make sacrifices. I take big chances and see my plans through to the end. They also know that I am capable of making the most out of a small window of opportunity.

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