Don’t Damage Your Hardwood Floors

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You’ve made an investment in quality hardwood floors. Now try not to damage them!
You might not even know you’re doing it. Did you know that many common cleaning products can damage your hardwoods?
Don’t use products that contain wax or polish, bubble bath, window cleaner, ammonia, dish soap, furniture polish, vinegar, tea, or excessive water to clean your floor. Never use a steam mop on hardwood floors. Large amounts of water and steam can cause the wood to swell and may cause your floor to crack or splinter.
Now that you know what not to use, here’s a quick list of what is good for your hardwood floors:
• Sweep or vacuum regularly and damp mop as needed using a hardwood floor mop and approved hardwood floor cleaner from a flooring manufacturer.
• Be sure you have felt floor protectors on the legs of chairs, bar stools, etc.
• Use good quality doormats at all of your exterior doors.
• Be careful as you move furniture and appliances. Do not drag heavy pieces.  
• Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to minimize scratches.
• In rooms with wood flooring, monitor your humidity levels. The ideal indoor humidity level range is 35% to 55%.
Wood floors are very easy to care for when you use the correct products and techniques. 


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