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TheRustic Kitchen Flooring by Enhance Floors and More old-world European look is becoming increasingly popular in hardwood flooring, but what is the European look anyways? Imagine the wood flooring in an old castle – lots of character and knots, worn from centuries of foot traffic and a patina gained over time.

• European floors have a matte (no shine) finish and an earthy feel. This works well with any room's décor. It’s warm, rough and rustic and most offer a wide width plan to capture the timelessness and nostalgia from decades past.

• Many of the European woods are wire brushed. This technique uses wire bristles to remove the sapwood (soft wood) and to open and enhance the wood grain, adding texture and character.

• The matte finish hides scratches and wear particularly well, making it an amazing option for rooms that get heavy foot traffic and homes with children and pets.

• Some of the European-styled woods are dual hand-stained. This is a technique using highly skilled craftsmen, applying the finest quality stain by hand, twice.

• Dual hand staining enables two slightly different hues to join into a rich final color—enlivened by deep undertones that are beautifully complex to the eye. This two-stage process results in hardwood floors that are as beautiful as a work of art.

If you are intrigued by this European influence, a few specific styles to consider are:

• Armstrong Artistic Timbers, Mohawk Architexture, Northfield, Sandbridge and Palmetto Road Chalmers Collection

• Choose from Oaks, Hickory, and Maples in beautiful new stain colors including Castlerock, Dark Forest, Medieval, Cobble Stone, Drawbridge and Barnwood

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